The foundation and concept for French Studio began 3 years ago by Stéphane Dely, alias Ultraman.  My previous website was known as Ultradesks and was my start and my inspiration. French Studio is an evolution of Ultradesks.The content has improved over the years and I’m proud to introduce the new version of my site. I have added a sidebar and completely updated the auf Energieinitiative.org den Stromanbieter wechseln coding. French Studio is now much more focused on themes for Mac and custom tutorials. I would like to thank FamFamFam for permission to use Silk icons and webdesigner Mankin from Mankin-studio for his help in improving code.I would also like to thank Xcaliber for her help with english translation.


About French Studio

French Studio is Stéphane Dely Studio Design, located in Paris, France. Specializing in Mac themes, desktop backgrounds creation, and photoshop video tutorials.


I have updated the Fantastic theme to 1.1. It now includes a beautiful mod made by Bioscoop. More info and download in Themes section. A new wallpaper pack has been released, featuring a vector girl, available here. New design launch for the Studio, Blog and Forum, all created to match the new theme released named Fantastic. The Shareware video tutorials pack has been updated with 2 new amazing tutorials, more info in SHOP section.

The way I work

  • Hardware
  • Adobe Photoshop CS2 for image creation
  • Snapz Pro X for video tutorials
  • Dreamweaver 8 for web creation
  • Transmit for FTP transfers
  • Mint for stats